Thursday, September 24, 2009

You Win - TT Wild

You win. Do you feel like a man? Wildly waging your mouse wars, eradicating my existence? Does it make you feel big? Pushing my presence aside must make you feel so powerful. How easy it is to click, click, click me away. Come on, tell me how big you must feel behind your phony electronic shield.

Vivid conversations held in black and white, through static and tears, for seven long years. Wild streams of consciousness filling the air between us, shoulders wetted with wasted tears. Never once have you been less than human to me, but I must be lower than a rat to you, and I'm so naive, I never had a clue.

I've groveled for your friendship when I had no reason to bloody my knees. The power of wild tears and sticky blood, dirty hands and strangled hair is too much for your pretty raven head to deny. I hear the smirk in your voice when you've torn someone down. I hear the valor in your smoky tongue when you've bested me.

I know it feels good to cut me out like a flimsy paper doll, wildly wielding your dingy, dull scissors. I've curled on his lap for you. I've cried on his knee. I've been punched in the gut and the salt clinging to my contacts makes it so hard to see. But while the world around is blurry, your picture is now crystal fucking clear.


  1. That's the spirit, don't get angry, get even!

  2. Wow, indeed. Hope you stay strong! And good luck!

  3. If I am reading this correctly, you are angry with a man? :)

  4. Seven years of this? Damn! And what Baino says...

  5. Ahhh all makes sense now. Yep, know the feeling totally. So why do we stay? I haven't got the answer to that one yet.