Friday, September 25, 2009

Happy Hour Friday 9/25

1. Gossip Girl

2. The Millennium Series by Steig Larsson

3. The smell of the Narcissus

4. Target

5. Seeing my daughter's eyes light up when she gets to wear black, skulls, tattoos, etc. She's 6. I know. I already said that.

6. Knowing that my son is an imaginative creator. He creates elaborate train tracks, buildings, and gravity defying magnet sculptures. He's 4.

7. Having someone new to challenge the things I thought I knew about myself

8. Bacon

9. Quirky, hot, brainy men. Why are all three of those so hard to find in one person?

10. Being naive and believing in the inherent goodness of people - until they prove me wrong


  1. I so agree with No. 2
    .... and the new one is out in a couple of weeks (in the UK at least)

  2. It's not out until August 2010 here, if I recall correctly. :( I'm hoping they move the date up a little! So far, the second one has been better translated than the last...

  3. But I am Number 9!!!!!! LMAO!!!

    Number 10 is me also!!!!

  4. Good list! Children always bring humour, thank goodness for them.

    What I think of Stieg Larsson!:

  5. Haha you have a 6 year old goth! Hilarious! Nice list.

  6. otin - Send your pic & location... :)

    Cinnamon - Great review!

    Baino - The funniest part is that she looks more like a cheerleader than a goth, but she loves all things goth and very little that is girly. She's also obsessed with Vampires - or "vampowers" as she calls them.

  7. Jelly, I only just found your comments on my post about plagiarism and wanted to thank you for the link- the film has made me thnk about how I can further help my son. So- thank you!

  8. honestly, bacon makes everything better...good german potatoe salad too....having someone to challenge us as it!