Thursday, September 10, 2009

Chakra 3 - TT Rhythm

Breath syncs. The sound of the ocean moves the bodies in choreographed sequences that beg for mercy. It's the good kind of pain. The pain that reminds the body it exists. The kind that challenges the mind to keep going, push through... Caturanga. Five times... No, ten. That's not enough. The sun in brightening, and the Namaskara opens the day with fingers reaching skyward.

Breath moves body. Body follows breath. There's a pulse in this moving meditation. There are no eyes. There is no corporeal body. It is all erased. Breathe. Move. It's second nature, automatic. All is released. Let go and remember the breath. Step forward, warrior. Hold the space. Believe in the possibility of positive change. Hold the space for change. Hold the space for hope.

Breath opens possibilities. Each inhale is preparation, each exhale is awakening Manipura. She is fire! She is the spark. Energy concentrates in her heart, the beginning of life, moves outward to show her full strength. She is the mother's strength, the life of intuition, the soul's guide. Consciousness is not wasted in her. She is the secret rhythm of life.


  1. wow. a wonderful moving meditation. peace.

  2. Whoa. Very moving. Thank you for this!

  3. Must try it actually, I need a little breath of fire right now.

  4. "It's the good kind of pain. The pain that reminds the body it exists."

    I like this part ;)

  5. Nice posting. Do you know about these chakra books?