Monday, May 23, 2011

Rainbow - 10thDoM White Lies Belie A Darker Truth

Lying is an art. Shades of red lick the walls of the room. It wasn't told how it should go down. It was just told to happen. Happen it did. There are little flecks of bone gritting beneath her shoes, but that's of no concern. Neither is the gray matter splashed on her face or the smell of feces and urine swirling her head, sliding into her nostrils. She enjoys the patterns created by the bright red slung all around.

Eyes are souls. They're staring. These eyes lied. Tangerines try to glow. Orange arranged with fleshy bits of torso like appetizers. Her handywork is to be admired. She wonders if others will feel the same when they see it. It's a little dull in here, lights blown.

Breathe in, look up. Eyes closed, eyes open. Ceiling is yellowed with cigarette tar. The stench of old ashes can't be overridden by death. This is amusing. And sad. She smiles. She tastes the blood of another at the corner of her mouth. Iron doesn't bother her. Salt makes her gag.

Death is an art. The green shag is now geographically browned. Idaho and Italy rise out. It's like cloud watching. Blue skies now green shag. Fluffy clouds are bloody pools. Oh! There's a bunny. It's all smiles. Here.

It's dark in here. Indigo children sing in her head. Sleep will come easy tonight. All the lies are ended. All the lives are ended. The lives that lied. We are not one. We were three. Yes, sleep will come easy tonight.

White clean now. Lavender fills the air as she slides between crisp white sheets. She can breathe now. Better than ever. Better than with him. Darkness overcome. Truth prevails. Darkness is here.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

300 Pounds - 10thDoM Neptune's Payback

Cosmic karma
Creating rain
Shifting effortlessly
But not in vain
Switching gears
Light years cease
Drifting back
Fiery breeze

Could you pass the situation, please? Slide yourself inside myself and leave nothing behind. Don't call or text or let me feel. That would be best even if it's not kind. You're not like the rest. I think I can; I think I can.

Walls collide
Breathing now
Ill kept thoughts
Take a bow
300 pounds
Awash at sea
Be around
You owe me