Tuesday, May 10, 2011

300 Pounds - 10thDoM Neptune's Payback

Cosmic karma
Creating rain
Shifting effortlessly
But not in vain
Switching gears
Light years cease
Drifting back
Fiery breeze

Could you pass the situation, please? Slide yourself inside myself and leave nothing behind. Don't call or text or let me feel. That would be best even if it's not kind. You're not like the rest. I think I can; I think I can.

Walls collide
Breathing now
Ill kept thoughts
Take a bow
300 pounds
Awash at sea
Be around
You owe me


  1. Situation? Is that what they're calling it these days?

  2. nice...glad i was no the only one to play poetically...of course there is a whole lot more to this story...can you pass the situation please? as if it were a condiment to life...and slide inside...i really like that line...

  3. If only the lack of calling and texting went hand in hand with no more feeling! I want to know more at the end of this piece.

  4. Aww Jelly, we need to find you a good man with txting fingins.

  5. Haha... I'm communication needy. :)

  6. Sorry, the situation's empty. We'll get more tomorrow.

    I won't pretend I understand this. I think I must be having a case of the literals.