Friday, September 18, 2009

Happy Hour Friday 9/18

1. Knowing and liking the person to whom I'm going to have to pay my traffic fine.

2. Falling to sleep listening to breath behind static.

3. Being surprised by people.

4. How my daughter creates angsty songs about love and death. She's 6.

5. How my son narrates his daily activities as he does them. He's 4.

6. Izze Clementine Soda.

7. Dominos online order tracker.

8. Acting juvenile.

9. Learning new ways to explain things.

10. Laughing.


  1. What a lovely list of things that make you happy. Just reading it makes me happy.

  2. Great list! Princess Nagger creates angsty songs about love and death - and she's 6, too! ;)

  3. That's 20 things you have found so far that makes you happy. That is too much happiness by far.

  4. I hope to think of 10 things every week... It's an important reminder of how good life is!

  5. I agree with number 3! I have to dig deep sometimes to think of ten things.

  6. lol. I love #5, must be very entertaining!

    I like this happy-hour-friday series!

  7. my son (6) narrates as he plays. i think he has a little director in him too. he will tell youwhat the characters should be doing if you play with him. and laughter is always good.

  8. For Such Things We Must Always Be Greatful (although, I will have to take ,on Trust ,the taste of Izze Clementine Soda!)