Monday, November 19, 2012


I dread tomorrow. Tomorrow is one month.
I hate the good days we have that give me hope.
He never speaks to me the next day.
He was almost himself yesterday.
And today, he is silent.
I never know what to think.
I never know what he's thinking.
I don't know why or how he's affected me so much.
My wishes seem to disappear in the mist of each day.
My dreams are painful reminders.
I hear songs that remind me of him.
Those songs pour down my cheeks in salty waves.
Tomorrow would have been our 3 month anniversary of being together.
Instead tomorrow is the one month anniversary of us not being together.
Tomorrow had promise and now has dread.
Tomorrow is coming, and tomorrow will hurt.
I dread tomorrow. Tomorrow is another day in this nightmare that I created.

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