Thursday, November 22, 2012

Giving Up

So, I've finally wised up and am giving up.

It's truly, truly heartbreaking and I bawled like a baby yesterday for about an hour.

Sunday, things seemed to be kind of good. We were talking and there were a few signs of the ice breaking. I really have no clue what happened after. Monday, there was nothing. Tuesday, nothing. Wednesday, I asked for a little help understanding what was going on, and nothing.

So, today, a day for giving thanks, I am going to be thankful that this happened early on in the relationship and I'm going to be glad that I didn't get more sucked in than I already was before this happened.

I'm sure there will be a few more blogs on this. My heart is just... sad.

But, I have to say, at this point, it just all seems cruel. I don't understand how someone who supposedly thinks I'm "awesome" and that my kids are "awesome" would just go silent like he has done. It's strange and, in my opinion, cowardly, and my kids and I deserve better than that.

We really do. I just really thought he was "better." I was, as usual, wrong.

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