Monday, November 5, 2012


I'm trying to come up with a prayer list. I've typically prayed for things that I wanted, whenever I prayed, which wasn't anything close to often. I pray every day now. I don't know what the big difference is. I think it is the mirror or the eyes or something.

I have been praying for acceptance and patience and to see the lesson. Today, I realized I've only been praying for things for me, and that's part of what caused all of this turmoil in the first place - my selfishness.

So, I know I do need to pray for those things for myself because I do need to accept what is happening. I need to learn from what is happening. I need to have patience while this is happening.

But my new prayers are for him. He has a lot on his plate. I'm not sure if he's used to a lot on his plate or not. There is a person in his life who is a constant source of stress and turmoil, and that person will never, ever be out of his life... But that person does ebb and flow in and out to varying degrees, and those degrees got amped up while I or because I was in the picture...

My prayer for him is for God to take his stresses and his worries and to give him peace.

I wish him peace, true peace.

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