Saturday, October 23, 2010

Sweet Memories - 10thDoM Confession (Part 4 of 4)

Sarah couldn't speak. Her mind was spinning and she felt dizzy as Jake's kisses became deeper and more desperate. Having him wanting her in this way, the way she had always wanted him, was like a drug coursing through her veins. She felt a buzz rivaled only by drinking too much wine, but she'd only had water tonight, but she enjoyed the taste of beer mixed with the scent of man from Jake's mouth.

She whimpered as he slipped his fingers out of her and easily unbuttoned her button-fly jeans. He'd had practice, she thought. His tongue slipped down her throat, along the bottom edge of her collar-bone, and swirled from the outside of her breast, spiraling until his mouth engulfed one nipple while his fingers found the other. Simultaneously, he gave a soft scrape of his teeth and nibbled one side of her while pinching the other gently, listening to her moan with pleasure, as he slipped her jeans and panties down her long legs, over her feet, and pushed them aside.

He wanted to taste her, but the throaty sounds coming from Sarah were nearly too much for Jake, and he was desperate to make love to her. While quickly doffing his own jeans, he let his mouth venture down her belly and slide between her legs for a quick taste. Sarah squeezed her thighs shut to try and limit his access, but he pushed her legs apart with a gentle, yet confident, strength that was new to her. She tangled her fingers into his hair to pull him up, confusing him since he knew how much she enjoyed this. Since he wanted her so badly, he gave up and let his tongue trace the inner crease of her thigh and the inside of her hip bone before planting soft kisses along her belly as he made his way up to press all his weight on top of her.

Sarah reached her left hand toward her bedside table, pulling out the top drawer and reaching in to find a condom. Jake was always diligent about protection, but he grasped her arm and pinned it over her head, and before she could protest, he slipped inside her.

"I want you."

Her eyes closed and she tilted her chin up, losing herself in the moment. Jake felt so good inside her. She hadn't been with anyone in so long, and she loved Jake, or, at least, she had loved him. She could feel the difference in the way he was being with her now and knew he meant it. He wanted her just as she had always wanted him.

Sarah's eyes were downcast as she prepared to leave the room under the guise of getting a drink of water from the kitchen and checking on guests, most of whom she knew had long-gone since the house was nearly silent by now. Jake was beautiful, naked on the bed, but she couldn't help feeling a little hardened to him.

"I need to tell you something."

"Anything, Sarah."

"I'm sorry, Jake."

"Why would you be sorry?"

"I tried to stop you."

"It's OK. You were nervous."

"No. It's not that."

"Oh, OK."

"I tried to stop you. I thought you'd be like you were before."

"I love you, Sarah."

"Not like that. Careful."

"I do love you Sarah. I'm sorry for how I treated you."

"Jake, I'm so sorry."

"OK. It's OK, Sarah."

Sarah shifted herself outside the door, and looked at Jake with a deep sadness in her eyes.

"I'm HIV Positive."


  1. Eh, the ending's still a thumper, but going the apologetic route weakened it, I think. The dialog is a bit too melodramatic... that also weakened it.

    And I'm wondering why you posted this in four sections. It's barely 1500 words... that's a single post, two at the most. Is there an aesthetic reason?

    That out of the way... at least you're writing again.

  2. Wow, that's a surprise, I thought it might be him that had a 'problem'. Great to see you back and titillating!

  3. This had a nice flow to it, but I kept hoping for more of a story.

  4. *guffaw*
    What a gotcha!

    Now, I am figuring that she did not target him (what with the reaching and the apologising).

    A short, sharp tale of two eminently shallow human beings.

  5. I can't see why it's divided into four parts. I didn't like how it ended either. I wanted more out of the dialog.

  6. yikes - way to slam on the brakes, but helluva confession!

  7. Whoa. Wondering why also so many posts... speed bumps?
    Great gottcha. -J

  8. Okay, I had to finish reading as you hooked me, though I am going to be late this morning. I was shocked by the ending!