Friday, October 8, 2010

Mouth - 10thDom Softly-Spoken Bullets, Hardly-Spoken Lips

Words spoken across the room
Across the lawn
Slip effortlessly through the air
Their aim clear
Still amiss just yet

One round after another
Ricocheted off his empty eyes
There's nothing inside to hit
She sees that
And fires away anyhow

A stray word finds her mark
In a flash of comprehension
His eyes brighten
Then empty again
She hit him

She takes a moment, dials it in
These new words hit harder
They're sharper
Darting more accurately
Into him

It's a futile moment in time
She knows it won't last
He'll leave the room
Leave the scene
And forget

But right now, she powers through
Shot after shot, harder, deeper
Until she sees his lips part
His eyes well, spill
And she softens, til next time


  1. Well, that answers why you called me.

  2. oh i felt every hit...and i have seen this... i like the 5 line break down to each stanza...nice.

  3. I like this. Sometimes, there is no weapon more effective that well-placed words sinking deep into their mark. This lady clearly enjoys target practice.

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  5. For some reason, Blogger put my comment in twice. I deleted the second one.

  6. Aha ... a married couple conversing ...

  7. Oh Jelly so nice to see you back on the scene, I hope it's permanent. Nice imagery although I must confess I'm such a trogladite when it comes to but did like this. I hope she doesn't 'soften' too much, well as long as he deserves it of course.

  8. good work...i can feel the words digging in

  9. Its amazing the damage some words can do. I just didn't want her to soften! Be strong, word sniper! Be strong!!