Saturday, October 23, 2010

Sweet Memories - 10thDoM Confession (Part I of 4)

Across the room, he stared at her with a glint in his eyes she hadn't seen in years. Feeling her cheeks flush, she smiled sheepishly back and tilted her chin down, cutting her eyes back at him briefly before turning back to the mundane ramblings of her friends. She'd been trying to get him to smile at her with want since her freshman year of high school. It had been rare occasion that he had, but it had been awhile now. Two years of college had changed her, and she wondered if he realized she was the same girl...

After another half-hour or so of her girlfriends' ramblings, getting louder and more vivid with every drink, about their drunken college debauchery and how many men they'd fucked without even caring to learn their names, Sarah excused herself to the kitchen. Hearing them speak about their escapades was difficult sometimes, but she didn't judge. The last time Sarah had partaken in such carelessness had been her first, and it had been turned into a nightmare. That was her first semester in college, and while she didn't quit going out with her friends, she'd dropped her pledge class and cut way back on her drinking so as not to make the same mistake again. She felt lucky to have friends who loved her anyhow...

Shifting and sliding her way carefully toward the kitchen, avoiding the throngs of intoxicated, groping men, and touchy-feely females, proved to be a task and her calves ached a little from lifting her 4 inch high heels off the ground to balance on her toes for the full journey. She breathed a sigh of relief as she saw the bathroom, noticed no line and the door clicked open just as she found enough of a clearing to let her heels down. She needed a moment to herself.

After locking the door carefully behind her, she pressed her back to it. She had felt his eyes following her the whole way and hoped she looked graceful as she wove through the crowd. In high school, he would only acknowledge her in private. He had played on her emotions, knowing she would never say no to him, knowing the power he held over her, and she hated herself for it. Of course he realized it was her, and he had given her the smile she knew so well.


  1. nice set up...would like to see it in present to the next...

  2. Looking forward to the next part. Will not have it all read today, though, most likely.