Saturday, October 23, 2010

Sweet Memories - 10thDoM Confession (Part 3 of 4)

Jake kept a firm grip on Sarah's hand as he pulled her down the hallway to the stairs. He still remembered where her bedroom was after all these years. She felt her body grow cold from the inside and began to shiver eve as her palms began to sweat. This always happened with him. Her nerves always took over, adrenaline pumping in anticipation. How she could sweat and shiver at the same time always perplexed her.

Once inside her room, the same room as their last encounter, he closed the door, maneuvered her against it, and kissed her oh-so-gently, more gently than she had ever been kissed, as he carefully pressed the lock. Her eyes closed, her guard fell, and she arched herself forward into his body, loving the warmness that engulfed her as his strong arms slipped around her, fingertips tickling her waistband. Her hands slid under his shirt, around his back and pressed firmly into his flesh. She had always loved the way Jake felt in her arms. It felt right, like it was supposed to be this way. This was why she had never said no.

There was something of a difference this time though. Jake had always been so confident, so in control, but Sarah could feel a nervousness she'd never experienced from him in his touch. He was being... Sweet? It had always been about sex and control before, and now, as his fingertips lightly brushed up her sides, taking her shirt along with them, she could feel a shift in how he felt, how he saw her. She should have stopped him then, but she could never say no to him.

On the bed, he took his time, caressing her belly and the sides of her breasts as he planted slow, moist kisses down her neck and along her collar bone. His fingers slid knowingly down the front of her jeans, gently feeling the moisture through her panties. Jake's fingers were talented and his slow, methodical penetration was driving Sarah into a frenzy. She hadn't been touched like this in years, and she had missed Jake, despite herself. It flashed through her mind once again to stop him though. There were things she wanted to say. There were things she needed to say...


  1. It does seem to be all about him. Same guy with an upgraded technique. But I will give him another scene.

  2. Wait! What about her distrust for him?! How did he get to here with her? I hope she stops.