Wednesday, September 3, 2014


I know I am of the dangerous sort
Sour times and daggers thrown
Accurately aimed and piercing

I didn't mean to hurt you so
My words spewed venom to burn
Your heart broken breaks mine

Let me soothe your wounded skin
Salve your seared, sullen soul
I won't wound our love again

Please don't think me so cruel
That curse you felt tore me more
I broke myself in breaking you

Vengeful, misguided (s)words
Tongues are mightier, I'd say
Talented lips sadly quiver now

Every word with love and love
My vow to swallow sharp epee
Banish verbal blades with ease

Pray with me my love, forever
Leave my lashings by the sea
Bleed out loud, I wish to see

Prick the darkness out of me
Dull the verb-sharpened brand
So (s)words fall from you away

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