Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Fall Broken

I fall for the broken
I see their wings
See through
Nothing left to catch the wave
of wind to find him soaring where
he imagined himself before

I breathe the ashes
I smell the soot
Bleak black
Smudgy singed edges from the fall
from which he thought he'd never
recover with himself intact

I taste the shattered
Lick their wounds
Salted rust
Lapping the dirty cuts of past
pains inflicted and reflected
My salve, a salvation?

I fall to the broken
I crack them more
Cold dirt
Ends my journey through hell
To pick up my bloody pieces
And fall again, again, again

I feel so inescapable
I fell for this man
Crooked man
Allowed me merge softly with him
We fall broken together often
Filling the other's broken (he)arts.

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  1. Nice. I wish you'd link on Facebook. I don't come here very often :)