Sunday, February 21, 2010

Pull Away - 10thDoM RoM Challenge MUSE 9

Chapter 9 - Infinite Possibility

In a world with infinite possibilities, the only limiting factor is me. I limit myself, pull away, hold myself back. I push myself on and into other, and I latch on and won't let go. I am embarking on the journey home. Back to where I fell in love, back to where I know I'm loved.

There is great joy married with sadness for this journey. And it's ironic that it's me who is pulling away. Anyone who saw the two of us would have thought he'd be the one to stray, to leave, to move on without me. But it was I who pulled away first. His was just the natural reaction to being pushed.

He loved me like no other, and I felt it radiate through me. I was joyful and happy that someone like him would ever love someone like me. I set him high upon his pedestal, and why should I have been surprised he'd stay there and look down on me when he got comfortable in his high seat? It was the hardest blow to be dealt. His eyes seemed to gleam from his velvety heights. And whenever he'd come down, they were dead to me.

My life is not what I imagined; I am failure walking down the street, shattering mirrors, dreaming of Jupiter, living a life I never wanted to lead. And with all that is going on, and with all that is going to be, the thought I have more and more these days is that I often wish I'd never pulled away, but my nature is to pull away.


  1. I wish you would have told more. But, I also wish you all the best in finding your way.

  2. Yep, definitely irritating.

    Honestly, this isn't poorly written, but it's often too vague or banal to be interesting. You'd have been better served by writing a couple of well-thought out pieces for 10thDoM rather than trying to knock out 8 quick pieces on the last day.

    The variety of this place is dangerously close to being nonexistent. How long can you go writing about the same thing over and over again?

    Very disappointing.