Sunday, February 21, 2010

Pull Away - 10thDoM RoM Challenge MUSE 8

Chapter 8 - This Business of Jupiter

So I'm going back home, and I will conduct my business beside the statue of Romulus and Remus, grandsons of Jupiter, and I will be happy. I hope I will be happy. I pray that happiness will somehow find me. At night, I will be home, nestled snugly in my 250 year old bed, in an old historic neighborhood, and I hope there will be gas heat.

I am in love with this idea of Rome. I am in love with going home. And there are seeds being planted already to make sure that I won't want to pull away from there too soon. Things didn't work out so well for my friend, and she is stuck in a foreign state with a hateful man for the duration of her daughters' school-aged lives. That is hell, born of Pluto.

The steps to get to my love are long and arduous and terrifying to take. The way the boys love their wolfmother is how I'm feeling about the move home. However, the thought of leaving this life I've known for the past ten years is haunting me, terrorizing me, and terrorizing those around me. I've been called a terrorist lately, and not without cause.

Maybe I should think of a new business, one that doesn't involve the grandsons of Jupiter. I know one person who thinks that things should be that way, but he hates that I am so scared. But I know it's only because he is too.


  1. It seems as if you are writing this to someone with lots of inside innuendo.

  2. This does seem like a letter to someone in particular.

    Mad Hatter