Sunday, February 21, 2010

Pull Away - 10thDoM RoM Challenge MUSE 6

Chapter 6 - Earnest Mockery

My best friend makes a mockery of me, in all earnestness, of course, every time he speaks to me. He belittles me, and rightfully so, but it doesn't hurt any less. He knows all there is to know about me, and he's completely disappointed in me. I'm pulling away, and he doesn't care to pull me back. He pushed me away so hard a few months back, and it's never been the same.

But it's not his fault, not entirely. He's always mocked me in some way or another, and I've always enjoyed the banter between us. I made the mistake of pulling away when he was my greatest support. I made the mistake of putting my trust into someone else, letting someone else who I thought wouldn't put me down take the reigns of our friendship.

And I was proven terribly wrong. I lost my husband, my best friend, and it's a constant struggle with my lover. Everything is a mess, and the world crumbles, and it feels the weight is on my back. I know it's time to pull away, but I can't make myself just yet. It's just a few more months.

It's just a few more months...


  1. Hmm. Again, I am not clear on what you are saying/ Wish you would have said more as it seems you have a story you are longing to tell.

  2. You bring it on yourself. The existence of this entire blog proves that.

  3. Perhaps you should start relying on yourself and not the men in your life.

    Mad Hatter