Monday, August 31, 2009

And So It Begins...

It begins with me being me. My brain has fully malfunctioned and I am truly beyond repair. My heart is torn between the sheets and my dreams are becoming nightmares. There is prose in the poetry of my mind, but it isn't setting itself upright. It is falling by the wayside, and it is wishing it were nothing more than a simple smile that says "hello" on a rainy, dreary day like today.

There are mysteries that unravel themselves, tied to my bedposts, wishing they were not the knots of time and time's circumstance. Waiting patiently for the end, I caress the sides of his face, look into his faraway eyes, and see that he doesn't wish to see me but how I stay in his sight anyhow.

Some may think it's unhealthy, unwise; I choose to think it's simply unfortunate. Time, as we all know, is a cruel and unusual thing. It is fought to the finish with breath, heartbeats, and tongue lashings. We all think we can change time, but time can only change us. That's the beauty of it. How she simply continues on without care, and how we cannot help ourselves as we dream of the many ways we desire her change.

And so it begins... The beginning of something beautiful; the beginning of the end.


  1. Time is unyielding, endless. We are its humbled servants...nice work, this... :)

  2. Is this the beginning of an early Theme Thursday submission? Or is the end referred to a final ride in a limousine, In which case is it the beginning of the end of the last Theme Thursday entry? I'm beginning to confuse myself now. Time for bed.

  3. This is actually my entry for the 10th Daughter of Memory AND this week's TT. I think I will edit and add a little and repost on Thursday though. It kind of got posted early by mistake - hence the reference to my brain malfunction.