Friday, August 21, 2009

JeffScape's* Shear Insanity

He won't post, and he's going to be pissed at me for doing this, but for those of you who want to see, here are the before, during, and after pics of JeffScape's* Shear Insanity coming to fruition!

This is the "before" pic. JeffScape* was not being cooperative in the picture taking process. Feigned shyness. Some have called this look "gorgeous." I think they need an immediate visit to their optician.

He had enough freakishly thick hair for TWO massive ponytail donations!

The cut!

What are those creatures???

The style! Doesn't he look so cute with the clippies in?

The final look. Dare I say he looks hot? Well, almost. ;)

*edited to add his blog name since he linked over here himself.


  1. That looks like a painful process. The loss of all that hair. Don't suppose it would work as a transplant?

  2. Aw shucks! He still has most of it! Pop shaved all mine off one year( just had to test out the new hair clippers on me first-GAH! ). I got over it and lost it all again, whilst in the Navy.

    These'll make great donations! Cool!

  3. Aww..there is the smile I was looking are handsome and genuine...long haired or short...and have a heart of gold.

    I raise my glass to you...

    (((( Jeff ))))

  4. Looks great . . mind it looked nice long as well. Nice to see what you look like Jeff. Please, lay off the 'Spew'-mante . . .it doesn't have that name for nothing. Well done documenting it Jelly

  5. Looks good, definitely better than those huge ass ponytails! Holy buckets!!!

  6. Haha had to come back and look at this. He's doing it again so pics there WILL be (he's already had some 'before' shots done) although I'll miss braiding it, kinda fun. I hate the man, he doesn't age a bit and it's been 2 years again!