Friday, August 23, 2013


I dream of a life where I'm not constantly fighting to be important or special, where I just am, and decisions are easy.

But I'm scary and passionate. I fall too hard too fast and always for someone who doesn't... or can't... Love Me Back.

They always declare their love after I've gone. When I no longer have fight or feelings left.

I dream of a life where he and I just continue to grow and care and disagree and argue and still rather be with each other than apart. That is 90% so good that the 10% bad is just that needed blip to keep it interesting for me.

Recognizing I can't have 100% good because I need to fight. I only want it bad enough to let me fight once in a while.

One fight or fuss a month. That's good for me. A fight where I'm heard and he's heard and we end up closer because we respected each other through the process. But not such a fight I get scared he'll leave or that I threaten to leave.

I am in love. Love. Or dreamland.

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