Saturday, February 18, 2012

Capricious Capricorns - 10thDoM RoM Sleep Deprived in Sagittarius

You, you, you.
Are you falling into me?
Like I fell into you?
And wishing you were mine.
Fighting and lighting.
Lifting and sifting.
Falling and calling.
Texting and sexting.
Find me, please.
On my floor.
Skin and bones.
From what you made of me.
Bleeding from the gums.
Vomiting all I can't eat.
Capriciously being the Capricorn that doesn't make sense.
Astrologically confused.
Since I was supposed to be a Sagittarius anyhow.
Married to a Scorpio.
Loving a Virgo.
Daughter of Leo and Libra.
Dreaming of a Capricorn.
With cusp children to confuse me even more.
I've got a bullheaded twin.
And a sunny thinker.
As if their circumstances weren't enough to make them seem strange.
To all but me.
To you.
When you see them.
Sun and moon.
Dark and light.
Tan and bright.
Strong and weak.
But beautiful, both.
When you see them.
You know.
It's that time of year.
Again, it has reared its head.
But insomnia has come back early this year.
And the sadness.
The sad disease.
It is taking over.
My bones.
Will not stay.
Not for you.
Or you.
Or you.
Or you.
Just you.
And you.


  1. Oh Jelly....four of the 'same'. I liked the first, full of your angst and descriptive of men we all know and I rather hoped that he'd return, re-kindle the flame but....still, you get to vote and that's important. I really wish you'd write like you used to. Then that's a pot calling the kettle. Nice effort, addressed the muses but left me wanting. Waning what? I'm not sure but something.

  2. This is my favorite. The writing is poetic and has meter. I like this piece very much.

  3. Knew a couple of those Capricorns myself.

    This didn't develop enough to satisfy the initial curiosity created by the first two parts. I wish you'd gone farther.

  4. Yeah, you... this so could have been nine parts, easy. :P

  5. i'm pretty confused by all that zodiac stuff myself...
    like the tone of this, the poetry and angst - it seems deeply personal, so good on you for penning it..

  6. I quite liked your use of the theme, actually.