Sunday, January 10, 2010

How to Make a Bed - 10th DoM Dirty

She ripped the cum-stained sheets off the bed for the second night in a row. She hated doing laundry, but she hated the way the sticky stuff would dry and harden, and she hated the smell. With a heavy sigh, thinking of the task that lay ahead, she stared at the naked bed.
She'd thought ahead and bought a new mattress pad because she was pretty sure that the drips and trails of strawberry flavored lube and his and hers never matching cum stains must certainly have soaked through the sheets. As she had stripped the sheets from the bed, she threw a crooked smile across her face, at once remembering how the stains had gotten there in the first place and giving herself mental kudos for thinking ahead.
After unpacking the new mattress pad, taking a deep inhale of her new piece of bedding, she began to spread, smooth, and tuck around all the corners. This was her favorite part of bed making for many reasons: 1. She loved new bedding pieces, no matter how mundane, more than just about any other new thing she could buy. 2. She knew "he" liked her bed more than his own in large part because of this comfort piece. 3. She was excited about making a fresh bed because she knew "he" would be back.
With the mattress pad perfectly in place, and with a slowness usually reserved for snails and tortoises, she began to spread her Martha-Stewart-folded fitted sheet across the bed, tugging and pulling at the corners to get the top of the bed as smooth as possible. Each layer of her bedding took more than a few minutes to perfectly place, tuck, and fold. And as she stared at the smoothed out sheet, she felt a tiny tinge of frustration that she might be doing this again all too soon, but that would be a happy thing too. If she weren't just so anal about the perfection of her bed, this wouldn't even have crossed her mind.
Next, the top sheet would be sight measured, though she'd thought more than once about finding a tape measure just to see how well her eyes envisioned symmetry, and placed right side down so as to sleep between the "right" sides of the sheets, and so the pretty trim would fold perfectly back for show. The warming blanket, only there in case she had to sleep alone, was next and always the most difficult, what with maneuvering the wires so that they'd be unnoticeable and so as not to disturb the other layers.
After careful work with the wires and top sheet, the next layer, a winter weight down comforter, was ready to be placed atop the other four layers. She liked the winter weight blanket best because the summer weight one always hung down too low, and she had to tuck the edges into the sideboards of the 250 year old bed. And then, she'd ever-so-obsessively fold the top edge of the 600-thread-count top sheet over the edges of the warming blanket and comforter. Here, without fail, the tugging and smoothing seemed to go on forever.
For the final layer, a seasonal quilt, deep chocolate brown for winter, would be placed lovingly atop the rest of the layers, attempting to smother the white down comforter down and not look quite so fluffy. Two firm pillows, two medium pillows, two shams, and two decorative pillows later, the bed was made, ready for her lover to make dirty again.


  1. I never thought that I would see the words "Cum" and Martha Stewart in the same post! I love it!

  2. Only the super fastidious can feel properly dirty. Sounds like a love hate thing with sex if any of it seems to be a chore, but then that's what martyrs are made of.

  3. nothing like soiling fresh sheets...smiles.

  4. Hmm... something's missing. I like it, but something's not sitting right.

    Huge step, though, writing about this. Kudos.

  5. I kind of feel sorry for the character. She makes it a chore, even though she temporarily enjoys it.

  6. Very interesting. You capture the perfection required by a person with obsessive-compulsion very well, whilst only hinting at the cycle of relief and frustration the condition brings.

    Sorry I got here too late to vote x