Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Muddy Sunday - 10thDoM If Geeks Ruled The World...

I'd rise above it all if I could, and sweep it all under the rug where no one ever looks. I'd drive hard into the sunlight with my radio blaring high, and love you without pain in my eyes. I'd run in all directions at once, and crawl across muddy puddles in my Sunday best. I'd dream in black and white, and wash the color swatches from my geeky little mind. I'd swing up to the moon and back, and touch the clouds with my saddle oxford shoes. I'd ride bicycles backwards, and litter banana peels in tomato gardens. I'd play Scrabble til my eyes would bleed, and win your heart by letting you get the brown wedge in Trivial Pursuit. I'd creep along the hallway walls, and jump out with a full-breathed "boo!" I'd cry only at commercials with monkeys and their big brown eyes, and hold my tears in when all I want to do is whine. I'd sleep curled into a fetal ball, and surround myself with a representative Twelve stuffed bears. I'd shine my smile along the way, if I ruled the world.