Friday, November 27, 2009


I started writing this for you before I ever touched you. I couldn't have known how accurate it would be until I felt you in my arms, and you were even better than I imagined...

I can feel you from a thousand miles away, feel your breath on my ear and the air that escapes from your lips. Imagine that as you hover your face so close to mine that the warmth of your face radiates between us and I sync my breath, my heartbeat to yours, I close my eyes, invite your lips to mine. I can feel your fingers slide up my thigh, and glide gently around my hip to caress the small of my back, trace the outline of my body, find my waist in your hands.

I can close my eyes and see you here
. How my heart aches to see you go, and how it flutters and skips with barely a glance and shudders with a jolt when you touch my skin. I love to see you watching me watching you and how the corners of your mouth turn up when you realize how fixated I am on you. How your eyes reflect that you know exactly what I look like, the curves of my frame beneath my insignificant clothes.

I can feel your weight coming down on me
as my hands glide around your back, fingers arched, pressing deep into your flesh, smoothing over your skin, pulling you closer, deeper into me, into us. It's been so very long, and it feels like forever since I've felt a heart reaching into mine. I imagine I've pressed my lips so soft against yours and savored your flavor on the tip of my tongue. It's been forever since I've wanted to lace my fingers, intertwined my hand with another, since I've wanted to press that hand hard across the sheets.

I can feel my hand locked into yours, pressing into your pillows
while I breathe the scent of your body, getting high from your essence. I'll trace my nose down your neck, onto your chest, inhaling every inch of you because I love to breathe you in. I'll run my fingers through your hair, trailing them along your jaw, and stare into your eyes. I'll pull you closer, close my eyes and breathe deeper than ever before because I love the way you smell, and I love the coolness of your skin, and I love the way I feel when you hold me so tight I can barely breathe. And in those moments, in your arms, I remember that I knew what this would be like before you ever were.

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