Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Thirteen - 10thDoM Under the Kiss of the Blood-Soaked Tree

Two months past vodka, urine stained night
Lips locked in sleepless night tossed
Left awake smiling before dawn
Wretched puke in the morning light
Skip church drowned in cranberry stains
Sleepless day gone by - giggle while dying
The world spins, colors, blood poisoned
Sweet breath, grainy vision, focused, blurry
Sleep sweeps in - he calls again
Lips still drunk falling atop me
Half smile quirks against mine
Intertangled hair sweep side, ahh
It's getting quieter now, I'm not pleased
Two pages, or two paragraphs, ease
Don't talk it's ruined now
For the list of reasons not, I am
Dive in, concrete crash, no splash
Still smile crooked, eyes look bright
Each inky line or concocted connection
More high, more light, try again
Say feel be more soaked in sweat
Terrified knowledge what's to come
Spoken cannot grow unspoken leaves
The tree is fantastic, beautiful afar away
Kissed closely, seen magnetically
Lustre lost in lonely lulls
Tuesday's kiss may be our last


  1. I thought you didn't post poetry over here.

  2. I also don't like more than one entry per topic per person. So?

  3. This has the nightmarish quality of a real bender (not that I'd know, of course...).

  4. "Spoken cannot grow unspoken leaves..." Too painfully true!

  5. This allow my mind to jump around figuring the last line read, while reading on. -J